SS19 Millie’s x Ouyang Nana

Self-reinvention is the new interpretation of oneself.  Since the founding of Millie’s in the 1960s, we continually self-reinvent under the trail of time, to be a better Mi and keep close to you.

In 2019, Millie’s together with young idol Ouyang Nana, begins the self-reinvented journey.  New Millie’s keeps on chasing for distinctive design.  From aesthetic and comfortability of products to brand visual identity, every detail reflects sense of simple life and artistic inspiration. “Cool, Easy, Chic and artistic design” is the new image of Millie’s, which originates from lifestyle and uplifts our lifestyle.

Our latest SS2019 image has also released a new Ouyang Nana. She faded out from the spotlight, returned to campus.  Start a challenge to become a better Mi, a beautiful and awesome entertainer.

Self-reinvention is not a moment, but a process.  Simplicity is not a trend, but a lifestyle.  Just like Ouyang Nana said “Life only live once, don’t make it too complicated."


-- Millie’s

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